Sabbagh Featured in 2013 Nuclear Fusion Highlights Collection

The paper “Overview of physics results from the conclusive operation of the National Spherical Torus Experiment” (NSTX), by S.A. Sabbagh, J.-W. Ahn, J. Allain, et al., Nuclear Fusion 53 (2013) 104007 was recently featured among papers of other top authors in the 2013 Nuclear Fusion Highlights collection. The entire list of papers can be found on the Nuclear Fusion website:

NSTX is one of three large magnetic fusion energy experiments in the United States. The paper provides a brief review of the entire NSTX scientific research program including plasma stability, confinement, and heat exhaust. Prof. Steven A. Sabbagh continues research with Dr. John W. Berkery, Dr. James M. Bialek, and Dr. Young-Seok Park from APAM on the stability and control of high performance plasmas in NSTX, preparing for the new NSTX-Upgrade device scheduled to begin operation at the end of 2014.

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