Tippett and Sobel Sign Research Contract with FM Global

Prof. Michael Tippett
(lead PI) and Prof. Adam Sobel (co PI) recently signed a research contract with FM Global to support the project “Development & analysis of environmental indices for the spatial distribution of hail occurrence & size.”

The project has completed its first phase ($34K) and is about to move forward with the second phase of the research ($45K). Postdoc, John Allen, is carrying out the work.

FM Global is an international property insurance and loss-prevention engineering leader whose clients include a third of the Fortune 1000 companies. They are the second insurance company, after AXA, to support Tippett's and Sobel's new initiative on extreme weather and climate. The Office of the EVPR’s RISE (Research Initiatives in Science and Engineering) Program provided early stage funding via the project "Towards Long-Range Prediction of Tornado Activity."

Tippett said, "We see this as a very exciting collaboration where we have the opportunity to increase our scientific understanding of weather and climate extremes, in particular severe convection (thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail), in a way that is relevant to risk management."

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