Weinstein Hosts Distinguished Colloquium Series

Professor Michael I. Weinstein, along with Professors Donald Goldfarb (IEOR), Eitan Grinspun (Computer Science and APAM), and Ioannis Karatzas (Mathematics), initiated a new Distinguished Colloquium Series in Interdisciplinary and Applied Mathematics this spring.

This Colloquium Series, which will continue during the 2014­-2015 academic year, highlights the dynamic exchange between mathematics and engineering, computation, the physical sciences, the biological sciences and the social sciences.

The Spring 2014 speakers included Robert V. Kohn, Professor of  Mathematics, Courant Institute — NYU, who spoke on “A  Variational  
Perspective on Wrinkling Patterns in Thin Elastic Sheets;” Stanley Osher, Professor of Mathematics and Director of Applied Mathematics, UCLA, who spoke on “What Sparsity and L1 Optimization Can Do for YOU;” and George C. Papanicolaou, Robert Grimmett Professor of Mathematics, Stanford University, who spoke on “Correlation Based Imaging and Geophysical Applications.”

This lecture series is made possible with the generous support of Columbia SEAS Dean Mary C. Boyce.

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