Yuan Yang

Assistant Professor

Materials Science & Engineering
Office: 205 S.W. Mudd
Mail: 200 S.W. Mudd, Mail Code 4701
New York, NY 10027
Phone: 1-212-851-5935


Research Interests

exploration of novel materials and chemistry for advanced energy storage, thermal harvesting and management, investigation of fundamental structure-property correlations and chemical processes in energy materials and devices


Ph.D. in Materials Science, 2012, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

B.S. in Physics, 2007, Peking University, Beijing, China

Recent Publications


Wang, C.; Wang, X. S.; Yang, Y.; Kushima, A.; Chen, J. T.; Huang, Y. H.; Li, J.; Slurryless Li2S/Reduced Graphene Oxide Cathode Paper for High-Performance Lithium Sulfur Battery, Nano Letters, 15, 1796 (2015).


Yang, Y.; Lee, S. W.; Ghasemi, G.; Loomis, J.; Li X.B.; Kraemer, D; Zheng, G. Y.; Cui, Y.; Chen, G. Charging-free Electrochemical System for Harvesting Low-grade Thermal Energy, PNAS, 111, 17011 (2014)
Yang, Y.; Loomis, J.; Ghasemi, G.; Lee, S. W.; Wang, J.; Cui, Y.; Chen, G. Membrane-free Battery for Harvesting Low-grade Thermal Energy. Nano Letters, 14 6578–6583 (2014).


Lee,S. W.*; Yang, Y.*; Lee. H. W.; Ghasemi, H.; Kraemer, D.; Chen, G.; Cui, Y. An electrochemical system for highly efficient harvesting of low-grade heat energy. Nature Communications, 5, 3942 (2014).


Li, W. Y.; Zheng, G. Y.; Yang, Y.; Seh, Z. W.; Liu, N.; Cui, Y. High-performance hollow sulfur nanostructured battery cathode through a scalable, room temperature, one-step, bottom-up approach. PNAS, 110, 7148-7153 (2013).


Yang, Y.; Zheng, G. Y.; Cui, Y. A Membrane-free Semi-liquid Lithium/polysulfides Battery for Large Scale Energy Storage. Energy & Environmental Science, 6, 1552-1558 (2013). [EES Most Read Article]

Zheng, G. Y.; Zhang, Q. F.; Cha, J. J.; Yang, Y.; Li, W. Y.; Seh, Z. W.; Cui, Y.; Amphiphilic surface modification of hollow carbon nanofibers for improved cycle life of lithium sulfur batteries. Nano Letters, 13, 1265–1270 (2013).

Zhou, J. G.; Wang, J.; Hu, Y. F.; Regier, T.; Wang H. L.; Yang, Y.; Cui, Y.; Dai, H. J. Imaging state of charge and its correlation to interaction variation in an LiMn0.75Fe0.25PO4 nanorods–graphene hybrid. Chemical Communications, 49, 1765-1767 (2013)

Yang, Y.; Zheng, G. Y.; Cui, Y. Nanostructured Sulfur Cathodes. Chemical Society Reviews, 42, 3018-3032 (2013). [Invited Review]

Seh, Z. W.; Li, W. Y.; Cha, J. J.; Zheng, G. Y.; Yang, Y.; McDowell, M. T.; Hsu, P. C.; Cui, Y. Sulphur–TiO2 yolk–shell nanoarchitecture with internal void space for long-cycle lithium–sulphur batteries. Nature Communications, 4, 1331 (2013)


Yang, Y.; Zheng, G. Y.; Misra S.; Nelson, J.; Toney, M. F.; Cui, Y. High Capacity Micrometer-sized Li2S Particles as Cathode Materials for Advanced Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries, JACS 134, 15387–15394 (2012)

Hsu, P. H.; Wu, H.; Carney, T. J.; McDowell, M. T.; Yang, Y.; Garnett, E.C.; Li, M.; Hu, L.B.; and Cui, Y. Passivation Coating on Electrospun Copper Nanofibers for Stable Transparent Electrodes. ACS Nano 6, 5150–5156 (2012)

Wu, H.; Zheng, G. Y.; Liu, N.; Carney, T. J.; Yang, Y.; Cui, Y. Engineering Empty Space between Si Nanoparticles for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes. Nano Letters 12, 904-909 (2012)

Wang, H. L.*; Yang, Y.*; Liang, Y. Y.; Zheng, G. Y.; Li, Y. G.; Cui, Y.; and Dai H. J.; Rechargeable Li-O2 Batteries with Covalently Coupled MnCo2O4-Graphene Hybrid as Oxygen Cathode Catalyst. Energy & Environmental Sciences 5, 7931-7935 (2012)

Nelson, J.*; Misra, S.*; Yang, Y.*; Jackson, A.; Liu, Y. J.; Wang, H. L.; Dai H. J.; Andrews, J.C.; Cui, Y.; Toney, M.F. In operando X-ray Diffraction and Transmission X-ray Microscopy of Lithium Sulfur Batteries. JACS 134, 6337–6343 (2012)

Wu, H.; Chan, G.; Choi J. W.; Ryu, I.; Yao, Y.; McDowell, M. T.; Lee, S. W.; Jackson, A.; Yang, Y.; Hu, L. B.; Cui, Y. Stable cycling of double-walled silicon nanotube battery anodes through solid–electrolyte interphase control. Nature Nanotechnology 7, 310–315 (2012)


Yang, Y.; Yu, G. H.; Cha, J. J.; Wu, H.; Vosgueritchian, M.; Yao, Y.; Bao, Z. N.; Cui, Y. Improving the Performance of Li-S Battery by Conductive Polymer Coating. ACS Nano 5, 9187–9193 (2011)

Zheng, G. Y.*; Yang, Y.*; Cha, J. J.; S, S. S.; Cui, Y. Hollow Carbon Nanofiber-Encapsulated Sulfur Cathodes for High Specific Capacity Lithium Batteries. Nano Letters 11, 4462-4467 (2011)

Yu, G. H.; Hu, L. B.; Liu, N; Wang, H. L.; Vosgueritchian, M; Yang, Y.; Cui, Y.; Bao, Z. N. Enhancing the Supercapacitor Performance of Graphene/MnO2 Nanostructured Electrodes by Conductive Wrapping. Nano Letters 11, 4438-4442 (2011)

Yang, Y.; Jeong, S.; Hu, L. B.; Wu, H.; Lee, S. W.; Cui, Y. Transparent lithium-ion batteries. PNAS 108, 13013-13018 (2011) [Direct Submission]

Hu, L. B.; Chen, W.; Xie, X.; Liu, N.; Yang, Y.; Wu, H.; Yao, Y.; Pasta, M.; Alshareef, H. N.; Cui, Y. Symmetrical MnO2-Carbon Nanotube-Textile Nanostructures for Wearable Pseudocapacitors with High Mass Loading. ACS Nano 5, 8904-8913 (2011)

Wang, H. L.*; Yang, Y.*; Liang, Y.; Robinson, J. T.; Li, Y.; Jackson, A.; Cui, Y.; Dai, H. Graphene-Wrapped Sulfur Particles as a Rechargeable Lithium/sulfur Battery Cathode Material with High Capacity and Cycling Stability. Nano Letters 11, 2644-2647 (2011) [Top 20 Most Read articles]

Wang, H. L.*; Yang, Y.*; Liang, Y. Y.; Cui, L. F.; Casalongue, H. S.; Li, Y. G.; Hong, G. S.; Dai, H. J.; Cui, Y. LiMn1-xFexPO4 Nanorods Grown on Graphene Sheets for Ultrahigh-Rate-Performance Lithium Ion Batteries. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 50, 7364-7368 (2011) [Editors' Choice]

Lin, Y.; Yang, Y.; Ma, H. W.; Cui, Y.; Mao, W. L. Compressional Behavior of Bulk and Nanorod LiMn2O4 under Nonhydrostatic Stress. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115, 9844-9849 (2011)

Xie, X.; Pasta, M.; Hu, L. B.; Yang, Y.; McDonough, J.; Cha, J.; Criddle, C. S.; Cui, Y. Nano-structured textiles as high-performance aqueous cathodes for microbial fuel cells. Energy & Environmental Science 4, 1293-1297 (2011)





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