M.S./Ph.D. Track, Ph.D. or Eng.ScD. Program

  • Theoretical and experimental plasma physics (fusion and space plasmas)
  • Solid state physics (semiconductor, surface, low-dimensional physics, molecular electronics)
  • Optical and laser physics (laser interactions with matter)
  • Nuclear science (medical applications)

  • analytical and numerical partial differential equations
  • mathematical foundation of data analytics, uncertainty quantification, stochastic analysis
  • large-scale scientific computation
  • fluid dynamics and continuum mechanics
  • dynamical systems and chaos
  • applications to various fields of data, physical and life sciences

  • Thin films
  • Nanomaterials, electronic, optical, and magnetic materials
  • Mechanical response of materials

Students apply to and are admitted to one of these three specialty programs. The confluence of these programs in one department promotes a uniquely interactive and exciting academic and research environment for graduate study.

Each program has its own coursework, qualifying exam, and research opportunities. Students are expected to meet the requirements of the program that they are admitted into. Some programs have specific course requirements for the doctorate; elective courses are determined in consultation with the program adviser.

Successful completion of a 30-point M.S. program and an additional approved 30-point program of study is required along with successful completion of a written qualifying examination taken after two semesters of graduate study. An oral examination, taken within one year after the written qualifying examination, and a thesis proposal examination, taken within two years after the written qualifying examination, are required of all doctoral candidates, as is training in research and professional ethics in the first two years of the doctoral program.

All doctoral students in good academic standing and making satisfactory research proress are fully supported for the duration of their Ph.D. study, with full tuition and health insurance coverage, plus a teaching or research assistantship stipend.

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